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Organized by the «Caucasus Survey» (Oxford, UK) magazine and the CERI Sciences PO (Paris, France), with the participation of:

Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Association d’études caucasiennes; Fondation un Monde par tous, Habitat-Cité,  Réseau ELENA (droit d’asile), association d’initiative du Caucase-DOSH, Comite du Tchétchénie.

Invites to participate in the conference: «20 years after the first war (1994-96) in Chechnya: The Results and Russia’s policy in the North Caucasus», which will take place in Paris (France) on May 27, from 9 am. to 6 pm at: 56 rue Jacob, 75006.

The Conference is dedicated to the results and consequences of the first Chechen War taken place in 1994-1996. Peacekeeping and human rights initiatives of «Memorial» Russian NGO to be discussed along with the other topics.

The Conference Proceedings to be prepared for publication. Those who personally cannot participate at the Conference are welcome to submit their abstracts/articles in Russian, French or English. Requirements to abstracts/articles meet the criteria for authors of the «Caucasus Survey» magazine (see in section «Instructions for authors» at the web-site:

The participants should submit their abstracts/articles before 15 May 2016. The limit of the text should not exceed 8 thousand words.

Contact e-mail:

The Organizing Committee assumes to cover all the travel and accommodation expenses of the invited participants for the period of 26-29 May.


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